Most of the time, Ubuntu can detect and set up Microsoft Windows 10 automatically, with no fuss at all. The first step in this Linux Mint installation guide is verify the hardware compatibility. The latest Long Term Support (LTS) version of Linux Mint with support till 2025 is Linux Mint 20 ‘Ulyana’. This will write the Linux Mint image to the USB drive. In the options shown, keep it as primary partition and beginning of the space options. Click Install. I select “ALU”, which mimics my external hard drive here. One way to do that is, copy all files from the external hard drive to your home directory. For many people, it is okay to do it, but keep in mind that it is not the best in terms of performance and reliability. Thanks for your prompt reply. The Linux Mint Developer Guide helps you get involved and help developing Linux Mint. So, you can continue with the Linux Mint installation guide. If you are a little more advanced, you can enable specific ports in the Simple tab. Perhaps the answers could be added to this, otherwise excellent, article. And for the mounting point, select root, which is marked with a slash (/) sign. Step 1: Download Linux Mint ISO. Once you have entered the live session. … These are the key part of the system. First, you can check the Ubuntu certified hardware list. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'linuxtechi_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_14',113,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'linuxtechi_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_15',113,'0','1']));eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'linuxtechi_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_16',113,'0','2'])); Now create our last partition as swap. They have little different layers of protection. If you still have any queries or doubts or if you do face any issues during the installation process, please post your questions in the feedback section below. I'm installing Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa on a computer. Then, select Format the drive. It should be the largest possible partition. However, in some rare cases, the Ubuntu Linux operating system … Get yourself over to the Linux Mint support forum at, Same thing here, Mint 19.3 was working just fine and after installing Mint 20 on an acer aspire e5 i couldn’t boot into the distro, i tried everything i could think off but no luck…, I had the same problem and my “solution” : set the “boot-method” from “UEFI” to “legacy”. You can also select automatic login which is a good idea for the home computer. Usually, Esc, Del, F2 or F12. But to make this Linux Mint installation guide an ultimate guide, I would like to show you a few more things to improve the performance and the user experience. To make things clear, I've already downloaded the 32-bit version of Linux Mint 16 featuring Cinnamon desktop. During the fist second of the boot process, you should see some message which tells you to press a certain key to launch the boot menu. If something happens to your system and you cannot log in, you still will be able to access your data with this passphrase. So, the first partition will be for our system. Right-click on C: partition and select Shrink Volume in order to resize the partition. So, there are various ways to do backups. Reading time: 3 min Recently, I dual booted my Acer Laptop with Linux Mint, I had created an unallocated space that was around 30GB for Linux. Click on the Ok button. Type in the following command and press Enter to run it. Simply pick the first option on the Installation Type menu: "Install Linux Mint alongside them." Linux Mint provides users with an option to choose the best Linux Mint … Perform this process periodically to make sure of it. For example my Brother HL-L2300D laser printer, my Canon PIXMA MG6350 and my Canon PIXMA IP4500 where all immediately after switching on automatically recognized in Linux Mint. Download the RPM installer file at our Download Center. Enter your admin password and continue the installation when prompted. Minimum size of /efi partition should be 100 MB. I usually use the Home profile. For example, I searched for “Asus X51R Linux”. So, you need to do it. In this Linux Mint installation guide you need to write this image to a USB drive. Always select replace, unless you really know what you are doing. If you choose to use the entire disk, its content will be erased and Linux … This step is only necessary if during the installation you chose the encrypt the home directory option. If there is anything you would add to this Linux Mint installation guide, please, comments below. So, I allocate 15 Gb for my home. I think the easiest way to back up the data from windows will be by copying all your files to an external USB drive. That is why I recommend to always check the release notes. I no need to installe GRUB, I want that when I switch on my PC, Linux mint start. For example, If you do the installation in the UEFI, this error may occur during the installation process: It says that GRUB boot loader installation failed. It gives an overview of the projects we work on and explains how to get started. When you are in Linux Mint Live session, open the file manager. Here you will find the following options for creating partitions. New to this. Back up your data. The second one is the UEFI mode. During this time I recommend you to go back to the Linux Mint download page and check the Release Notes. Linux Mint Installation Guide for Beginners. Using this Linux Mint installation guide, you will be able to install Linux Mint even if you have never installed Linux. However, it may say that your Windows is 32-bit, but it doesn’t mean that your processor does not support 64 bit. You will be shown a warning that all your data will be deleted. Obviously, do not store in on the same computer. After Reboot this message came in: some problems with Boot Device (look at attached IMAGE). So, the backup is successful. My system is 4 Gb RAM And it should say which key to press in order to enter the BIOS settings. Click on Apply. Now, the installation process has started. First, open it from the main menu. The last step of this Linux Mint Installation guide is restore the backup data. If you are not an advanced user, you can use some preconfigured options for various applications. Check them out HERE! To install a version permanently in your system, double click on “Install Linux Mint“. Explore all the new features of Linux Mint 20.0 “Ulyana”. Hardware compatibility with Linux. In addition, it comes so that once installed, it will be used. Now the central moment of this Linux Mint installation guide has arrived. Now, select your flash drive. First, in the source option, select the folder you want to back up. The hard drive will look like this now. So, when a bootable USB is created, we need to test it. NOTE: I am not responsible for any of your data loss if my tutorial won’t work for you. To restore the backup, click on the Restore Files option. Vbox in my case. If you do not like this way of restoring your data, you can also do it from the Backup tool. It takes some time to update the cache for the first time. Try Linux Mint 19 Tara without Installing. Then click the + sign to add a partition. Once the installation is completed then installer will prompt to reboot the system. Problems with “Installation type” (Linux Mint) Ask Question Asked 1 year, 4 months ago. On the left panel, find your windows hard drive. You can also use some specific programs to do the backup. For this article purpose, we’ll discuss about the new features and installation guide for the Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon release. NOTE: I do not have other Windows versions, and I cannot show you this procedure on Windows 10 or Windows 8. Then you simply google it. I keep it English US. We are going to partition the storage for the Linux Mint 18 operating system. So, restart your system. For the file system, there are several options, but the best one is EXT4. It is suitable for most users as it is easy to install, configure and use while being powerful in terms of features and performance. Choose it and click “Continue” to proceed with the installation. In this step, choose your preferred keyboard layout for Linux Mint 20 and then click on “Continue”eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'linuxtechi_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_0',110,'0','0'])); If your system is connected to internet and wants to install multimedia codecs during the installation, then click on the check box, and then click on “Continue” to proceed with the installation. Leave the size of your RAM memory reserved as free space. If it says 64 bit, you are fine, and you can go and download Linux Mint 64-bit ISO. As you can see, It is very user-friendly. For this Linux Mint installation guide, I will select to encrypt my home. You should have a functional and reliable Linux Mint system by now. For example, those packages include MP3 codecs needed to listen to music. Go to its website and download it. When the system has started, it opens the terminal again and checks the value change. The interface of this program is the same for all platforms. Next, comes the most important part of this Linux Mint installation guide because it is necessary to decide where to install Linux Mint. Your email address will not be published. In the settings, you need to find the Boot options and there find Secure Boot and UEFI. Back up your computer . It will look like this. It is getting more and more popular to use cloud backup. It will help you to understand a little more about Linux and you will have more control over your hard drive. The first one is the Secure Boot. Be careful that you do not select any Hard Disk. After “OK” command and selecting HDD TOSHIBA in the second scree after this message, LINUX Mint start normally and work well. So, this is the end of this Linux Mint Installation guide. In my case, it is Intel i3-4330 with the frequency 3.5 GHz. So, this means that you will have both systems installed. As it is a LTS release so we will get latest updates and patches for the next 5 years (till 2025). Just one more question: If I include an /efi partition on my removable external drive, will it stop a computer which only has a BIOS booting from it? Just press a key or move the mouse to have the display back. So, again, make it Primary and Beginning of the space. On the next screen, the options for starting the restoration will be available. In the Type, select USB. Double click on the Install Linux Mint icon on the desktop. Select the ones you want to delete and click on the - icon. 1. But do not worry Linux works fine on the most hardware. Do not worry. We have sda partition table and the boot loader should be installed on sda too. Click on Install Now button. The rest of the space we will assign to swap. So, backup your files if necessary. The second step of the Linux Mint installation guide is check if your processors supports 64-Bits system. Unfortunately, not ... 2. I have an old computer with a 250gb hard disk. So, you can open the Update Manager by clicking on the icon next to the time. Now, you need to wait sometime and the system will be installed. Now, you have to wait until the process is finished and make sure there were no errors. If you have already backed up your data, then click on Continue. I downoladed the nw LINUX MINT 20 on USB (bootable) and I’ve installed it: after installation I removed USB key and press ENTER. Please provide the required information as shown in the screen below and click “continue” to start the installation of Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon edition. … In the Destination folder, you have to select the folder where the data will be restored. It is a firmware for the Intel process. I assume the same steps should work there too. If you do not know how to use torrent, then download using a direct link. The swap partition is required for the case when your system exceeds the amount of available RAM memory. And many users do not need more. If the whole process is completed without errors, you will see a message like this. You may want to limit or allow access to certain applications. For the installation of I have around 40 GB hard disk space and will create following partitions on it. So, I will choose English. Now, you can do the last step of the Linux Mint installation guide. So, I can download the 64-bit Linux Mint image. When your system restarts, it automatically boots using the USB disk you’ve inserted in the system. REMARKS: LINUX MINT 20 is the ONLY OS. If everything is fine, you should boot into Linux Mint. It will make the download speed faster. Unfortunately, not all hardware is compatible with Linux. NOTE: Never select the option “show all drives”. So do not worry, you can continue with this Linux Mint installation guide. There are two download options. It is a good idea to be cautious and enable the firewall to further increase the security of your computer. Just wait for a few seconds until the servers are ranked. Next, choose a password. I select Samsung flash drive in my case. You can accidentally write the Linux Mint image to your main hard drive and destroy your windows system and all your data. Let us do it. If you have only one disc on your Windows, it is probably the Disk C. Next, double click on the local disk and go to folder Users and copy the folder with your user name. Go to the main menu and search for Firewall, then, open it. If you are sure that you have selected all the right options and copied the important data from the USB drive, you can click “Create”. I just show you the ways to do it, but it is you who has to do the work and take all responsibility. To make a bootable UBS from within Windows, I recommend using Universal USB Installer. Now, the system is ready for use. Install Linux Mint by replacing Windows or any other operating system. By performing these steps, you have changed the mirrors and you will be asked to update the APT cache. You will be getting the following screen, choose “Continue” to write changes to disk and to proceed with installation. If you use a few programs 15GB should be enough. In other words, it controls the connections in and out of your computer. Fortunately, we can force the system to use more RAM and write to the disk only when the RAM gest almost full. On the next screen, you will be prompted to install some third-party applications. Choose the free space and then click on + sign and specify the size as 1024 MB, file system type as “ext4” and mount point as /boot and then click on “OK”. Then click forward. Use the same username and its credentials that we have created during the installation. Some of the packages we distribute are under the GPL. This is how the Linux Mint live session looks. Second, you can check the Arch Linux wiki Laptop page. Of course, you can also burn this image to a DVD drive, but I do not recommend doing so because the performance will be very reduced. Reboot your machine and during the first second of the booting you should see a screen like this. This will keep all the packages on your system updated and thus secure. Intel core i5 Click on the Continue button. Keep your USB flash drive in the USB port and reboot the computer. If your hardware is old, you will benefit from installing XFCE. Linux Mint Support only deb package installation, If you have some software in rpm package you can install it in Linux Mint easily. Click on the New Partition Table button. I recommend disabling both. There are even more things you can do after installing Linux Mint. I would say it is the most important step of this Linux Mint installation guide, because if you do it wrong or you skip it, you will lose all your data. The guide is available in multiple languages and different formats such as PDF, ePub, … Please note that for licensing reasons, they cannot be included by default in the installation. You need to look at the BIOS settings. So, select the free space and create a new partition. Otherwise, (Core 2 Duo, Xeon, i3, i5, i7, anything else), you have a 64-bit processor. Updated August 5, 2020. Whether 64-bit or 32-bit. You can choose any of the three options. You can give size in between 100 MB to 500MB. Then, pick a username.

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